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Dr. Sapna Gupta

सत्त्वमात्मा शरीरं च त्रयमेतन्त्रिदण्डत् । लोकस्तिष्ठति संयोगात्तत्र सर्वं प्रतिष्ठितम् ।। स पुमांश्चेतनं तच्च तच्चाधिकरणं स्मृतम् । वेदस्यास्य, तदर्थं हि वेदोअयं सम्प्रकाशितः ।।

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Dr. Sapna Gupta a Naturopath, Spiritual Healer, Counselor, Consultant, Life Coach and a Social Activist.
Her trophy shelf sparkles with over 280 national and international awards accompained by 200 plus certificates and countles degrees.
She passionately serves as a human rights activist within various organisations, dedicated to making a positive impact as a social worker.

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We are committed to providing transformative knowledge and experiences to individuals seeking personal growth, healing and treating diseases. Through our comprehensive array of webinars, workshops, and events, we delve deep into the topics listed in our unique and extraordinary offerings. Led by the esteemed Dr. Sapna Gupta, these engaging sessions provide unparalleled insights and guidance on empowering transformation, regeneration, and more. Join us as we create an elegant and noble space for individuals to explore, learn, and transcend their limitations, ultimately leading to profound personal and spiritual growth. Take the first step towards your own metamorphosis and join our community of like-minded individuals on this extraordinary journey.